Wiggle More, Just Wiggle..., Kratt Bros! Then and Now! This almost makes me...
You're not in trouble... until you get caught!
Wiggle More, Just Wiggle...

Wiggle More, Just Wiggle...

Hello my lovelies,

I'm Alka, I'm 20, and I'm Hindu.

I love acting. Want to be an actress, and work with Vivan Bhathena. Love TVD... Team Originals and Team Salvatores. Also love 1D, Lonely Island and AAR... DETHAN <3 and love the Alpha Twins of Teen Wolf <3

Bare Necessities :)x
Circle of Life FTW! <3

I like sports such as basketball, Cricket (INDIAN CRICKET TEAM), Football (MAN U) and Hockey. (CANUCKS!!!!) =D

From B.C. Canada, born in '94.

~~Credit to Whoever's gif that is~~

Kratt Bros! Then and Now!

This almost makes me cry because I grew up watching them! It makes me realise that time really does fly, I’m ending my first year at Uni in a few weeks and I used to love them both to death when I was just starting pre-school!! I can’t say enough, these two really helped shape me as a person, no one could’ve ever made me love animals the way these two did! I love the Kratt brothers, and even with age their show is still going on strong… sure its animated now and I miss Zoboomafoo and Kratts Creatures  I think Wild Kratts is good too!!! And I always miss the re-runs of Zoboomafoo because I go to Uni!!! :’(

Okay, I’m going to stop my rant there… lol, I just made this post to say thank you kratt brothers, I will love you both forever, thank you for making a BIG part of my childhood! <3 And yes, when I get the time I try to watch Zoboomafoo on Netflex and Wild Kratts comes on TV after I return anyways so its good!!! <3

See you on the creature trail <3

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