Wiggle More, Just Wiggle..., Okay…. just admit it… you’re in love seriously...
You're not in trouble... until you get caught!
Wiggle More, Just Wiggle...

Wiggle More, Just Wiggle...

Hello my lovelies,

I'm Alka, I'm 20, and I'm Hindu.

I love acting. Want to be an actress, and work with Vivan Bhathena. Love TVD... Team Originals and Team Salvatores. Also love 1D, Lonely Island and AAR... DETHAN <3 and love the Alpha Twins of Teen Wolf <3

Bare Necessities :)x
Circle of Life FTW! <3

I like sports such as basketball, Cricket (INDIAN CRICKET TEAM), Football (MAN U) and Hockey. (CANUCKS!!!!) =D

From B.C. Canada, born in '94.

~~Credit to Whoever's gif that is~~


just admit it…

you’re in love

seriously every picture of Yashwant off the internet, if it is not from scenes, its with Deepak… do you guys just make excuses to be in the same area? 

First show… entry into bollywood television…. with DLMH (1st show for both)

second show… KEPA… Yashwant follows Deepak into that show too!!! (2nd show for both)

Minus the girls Aneri and Sara :)x

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